Supported Services

CyberCat supports a plethora of services like YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Gmail, Google, Facebook, ABC, HBO, ABC iView, iTV, Channel 4, and many many more.

Get a CyberCat in 3 easy steps

Step One

Download and open CyberCat for macOS or iOS here

Step Two

Choose a server in Australia

Step Three

Open your service of choice like you are in the country

Access internet services with CyberCat
Such as:-

Access you favourite streaming services with CyberCat
Such as:-

Why get CyberCat to access blocked services?

Blazing Fast

Blazing fast speeds, thanks to our top shelf, super fast infrastructure in every continent.

Access anywhere

Use CyberCat to unblock your service, then enjoy and chill.

Strong Encyrption

CyberCat uses the latest military grade encryption coupled with cutting edge VPN protocols to keep you safe.

Stream anonymously

Watch your favourite streaming services securely & anonymously. Kick Big Brother off the couch.

24/7 Customer Support

Friendly and fast support whenever you need a paw or two.

Hop over cyberfences

Some services are blocked in specific regions. CyberCat unblocks them by routing your traffic through our network.

Which devices does CyberCat support?

Stop your ISP throttling online services

ABC iview is a streaming  service run by the ABC or Australian Broadcasting Corporation, which is owned and controlled by the Government of Australia. Usually iview video content can only be viewed by users in Australia, but with CyberCat you can access it easily! As of 2016, ABC iview attracts around 50 million plays monthly and accounts for around half of the total time streamed by Australian TV video services.

Download CyberCat and start streaming ABC iView today

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