How to unblock YouTube

YouTube needs no introduction, it's the premium video sharing website on the internet. Sadly some countries block access to it for political and other reasons. Occasionally content creators restrict content to certain areas due to content geographical rights restrictions. CyberCat hops over these invisible boundaries and gets you access to YouTube no matter where you are in the world, so you can enjoy to the content you desire.

Get a YouTube VPN in 3 easy steps

Step One

Download and open CyberCat

Step Two

Choose a server where you want to appear from

Step Three

Open YouTube in your browser or the YouTube app

Access you favourite content abroad
with a YouTube VPN

When travelling aboard you might be surprised to find that YouTube is either not available or different to that of your home country. That is because some countries block services like YouTube and the fact there are around 80 different country versions of YouTube. It’s quite common to find that YouTube has content that is restricted to certain regions of the world for various reasons. It might be a government has blocked content or the content creator has only got the rights to that content in a specific region. This is obviously frustrating for viewers…

By using a VPN such as CyberCat, select a server in the country you wish to access YouTube and you’ll be granted an IP address from that country. Then you’ll be able to access YouTube like you would if you were sitting on the comfort of your home couch, even through you might be sitting in a cafe in Paris or in a Finnish sauna.

Why get CyberCat to access YouTube?

Blazing Fast

Unblock YouTube in HD, thanks to our top shelf, super fast infrastructure in every continent.

Access YouTube anywhere

Use CyberCat to unblock, then YouTube and chill.

Strong Encyrption

CyberCat uses the latest military grade encryption coupled with cutting edge VPN protocols to keep you safe.

Stream YouTube anonymously

Watch YouTube anonymously and securely. Kick Big Brother off the couch.

24/7 Customer Support

Friendly and fast support whenever you need a paw or two.

Hop over cyberfences

YouTube is blocked in specific regions. CyberCat unblocks it by routing your traffic through our network.

Which devices work with YouTube?

Unblock YouTube

Has your school, university or workplace decided to treat you like a todller and block access to services like YouTube?

Simply download and install CyberCat, choose one of our servers and then open YouTube. You will appear as if you are in that location, circumventing any geo restrictions or site blocks and be able to access YouTube freely!

The internet should be open and free, use CyberCat to unblock YouTube today.

How to stop your ISP throttling YouTube

These days many Internet Service Providers throttle (slow) your internet connection when they detect a video streaming service like YouTube. If you don’t already have enough reasons to use a  YouTube VPN like CyberCat, well there is another.

When you connect to our VPN servers, CyberCat digs a secure tunnel through the internet. Whilst you are connected to our servers your data is fully encrypted and your ISP cannot tell what you are doing, so they are unable to throttle your ITV Hub streaming. Use CyberCat today to enjoy streaming without lag or buffering.

FAQ: How to access YouTube with a VPN?

Yes CyberCat works and unblocks YouTube in any country.

When using CyberCat your traffic is routed through our highly secure servers. In doing so your IP address is hidden and your real identity is totally private. Furthermore we keep no logs on users.

No, in fact in some cases we have noticed faster connections when streaming YouTube with CyberCat.

CyberCat has been tasted in many far away places and even then you shouldn’t notice any difference in streaming speeds. There might be some rare occasions when accessing a server very far away from your physical location that the speeds are not as fast as you’d like, but this is unlikely.

Five devices are allowed on one paid CyberCat account. You can install CyberCat on multiple devices by downloading the app from the iOS App Store on each device and then login with your Apple ID. Meow

CyberCat offers encrypted VPN protocols that you won’t find elsewhere. It doesn’t track you, follow you and we don’t store logs. You’re privacy and security is our modus operandi.

CyberCat utilises a VPN Kill Switch that drops the internet connection temporarily if the VPN connection fails, protecting your anonymity and privacy.

Download CyberCat and unblock YouTube today

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