CyberCat's automatic
Kill Switch

One tap for cyber security

What is a VPN Kill Switch?

CyberCat come with a VPN Kill Switch feature which stops your device from making unsafe and unprotected connections. The way it works is it monitors your connection to our secure server and if it accidentally drops the VPN Kill Switch kicks in and blocks access from your device.

The reason you should use a VPN with a Kill Switch is your traffic is safer and it ensures your private data is not exposed.

Once the encrypted tunnel is secure and restored your connection will be restored and the Kill Switch will be deactivated.

The VPN Kill Switch is essential

Leaving CyberCat’s Kill Switch on constantly won’t affect your connection speed or quality. In fact it’ll ensure your connection is more robust and stable. With CyberCat the Kill Switch is activated out of the box, so just leave it on. Here is why it’s important:

For top notch online security

Are you a person who is likely to be spied upon by authorities or hackers? If so a VPN Kill Switch will secure you with another defence mechanism and give you ultimate online security.

For secure data & privacy

Do you need to access confidental or highly sensitive information at times? Make sure CyberCat is running and you have the Kill Switch enabled and you’ll have peace of mind. Our Kill Switch is the best way to ensure your data is never leaked and your connection is rock solid.

To keep secrets

Imagine loosing your facebook access, gmail password and the like. There are some evil dogs who try to intercept your connection and pawn you. CyberCat’s Kill Switch prevents access.

How does a VPN Kill Switch actually work?

The VPN Kill Switch feature works by monitoring, recognising, blocking and restoring.



The CyberCat Kill Switch constantly monitors your connection to our servers, looking for changes in the IP address or connection state.



If the connection drops, the Kill Switch instantly recognises this change.



CyberCat blocks the connection to the internet to prevent your IP being leaked.



When the secure tunnel to CyberCat has been reactivated the Kill Switch restores your connection to the net.

Use CyberCat's Kill Switch for vault like online security

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