I can't connect to CyberCat on my iOS device

If you seem to be experiencing difficulties connecting to the internet when CyberCat is connected on your iPhone iPad or other iOS devices please follow the steps below:

1. Make sure you are connected to the internet via cellular data or Wi-Fi

2. Ensure you are not using a jailbroken or modified device

3. Check that another application is not interfering with your Internet Access. For example you might unknowingly be running two VPNS simultaneously. If that’s the case please disable the other VPN by going into Settings -> VPN -> Switch off the other VPN.

4. Check that you are running iOS 13 or above and if not please update your iOS. Settings -> Update

If you can confirm that none of above is the not the issue then try the following:-

1. Delete CyberCat from your device

2. From device Settings > General > VPN and delete all remaining profile (If any)

3. Turn off your device and turn it back on

4. Reinstall CyberCat from the App Store and follow the steps inside the App to finish the installation.

5. Connect and Change Virtual Locations, then surf the internet like a sneaky CyberCat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

CyberCat is what is know as a VPN or Virtual Private Network. When you connect to CyberCat, all your device’s traffic (both incoming and outgoing) are redirected through our highly secure network which protects you with military grade encryption and lot’s a highly trained cyber cats.

When using CyberCat your IP address (think of it as your internet address) is changed to stop anyone from snooping or tracking you directly. You can choose to appear from whatever location you desire and appear as if you are actually physically accessing the internet in that location.

When using CyberCat your traffic is routed through our highly secure servers. 

In doing so your IP address is hidden and your real identity is totally private. 

Furthermore we keep no logs on users.

No, in fact in some cases we have noticed faster connections when using CyberCat.

CyberCat has been tasted in many far away places and even then you shouldn’t notice a significant difference in browsing speeds. There might be some rare occasions when accessing a server very far away from your physical location that the speeds are not as fast as you’d like, but this is unlikely.

Five devices are allowed on one paid CyberCat account. You can install CyberCat on multiple devices by downloading the app from the iOS App Store on each device and then login with your Apple ID. Meow